Below are the names of all veterans for whom the Honor Bell has tolled since its dedication in May of 2016. This list is updated quarterly. Ranks, branches of service, and other information comes from the information we received from the funeral home or other person requesting Bell Honors. The date listed is that of the veteran’s memorial service when the bell was tolled.

If your loved one’s name does not appear on this list, please contact us with their information so we may correct this record, if needed. If you would like to help improve the consistency and accuracy of this list by volunteering your time, please get in touch with us.


LT CDR Daniel Tostevin, Navy: 6/13/2016

PVT Stephen Calvert, Marines: 6/24/2016

T SGT James Madden, Army Air Corps: 6/24/2016

David Grippi, Navy: 6/29/2016

SPC Jose Garcia, Army: 6/30/2016

Aleandro Valesquez, Army: 7/6/2016

A1C Edward Wyka, Air Force: 7/7/2016

Carlos Dominguez, Air Force: 7/8/2016

Robert Herbst, Air Force: 7/8/2016

TEC 4 Felix Whalen, Army: 7/11/2016

George Wells, Air Force: 7/14/2016

YN3 Donald Pryor, Navy: 7/15/2016

PFC Robert Vaughn, Army: 7/18/2016

SPC Ernest Quintana, Army: 7/19/2016

TEC 5 John Sinquefield, Army: 7/19/2016

Alan Pomeroy, Army: 7/20/2016

SFC Stephen Warren, Army: 7/21/2016

SN2 Robert Friend, Navy: 7/22/2016

SFC Vernon Flegel, Army: 7/25/2016

FTSN Martin Garcia, Navy: 7/26/2016

AMN FC Lyle Rhynard, Air Force: 7/27/2016

2LT Vito Pizzuto, Army: 7/28/2016

Roy Slack, Air Force: 8/1/2016

PFC Robert Johnston, Army: 8/1/2016

Frank Sherman, Marines: 8/2/2016

1SG John Stansbery Jr, Army: 8/3/2016

PV1 Phillip Valdez, Army: 8/3/2016

PFC Anna Marsh, Air Force: 8/4/2016

MK2 John Ellison, Coast Guard: 8/8/2016

PHM3 Juanita Taylor, Navy: 8/9/2016

Eileen Whelan, Air Force: 8/11/2016

A2C Gregory Bossio, Air Force: 8/12/2016

SFC John Mills, Coast Guard: 8/12/2016

CPL John Monarch, Marines: 8/15/2016

SPC Mark Amidei, Army: 8/15/2016

SP5 Garry Rust, Army: 8/15/2016

RM2 Norris DeLucero, Navy: 8/16/2016

MSgt Billy Schweer, Air Force: 8/17/2016

LT Bruce Powell, Navy: 8/19/2016

SGT Charles William Simpson, Army: 8/19/2016

SGT John Blankley, Army: 8/19/2016

SP3 John Grant, Army: 8/19/2016

PVT Shirley Brown, Marines: 8/22/2016

Richard Hagan, Navy: 8/24/2016

Lt CPL Richard Dominguez, Marines: 8/25/2016

Norman Vanderslice, Air Force: 8/25/2016

PV1 James Wesley Hampton, Army: 8/25/2016

William Kaelber, Navy: 8/26/2016

SPC Robert Luna, Army: 8/26/2016

SN2 Maurice Thompson, Navy: 8/29/2016

LT COL Robert Durham, Air Force: 8/30/2016

MSgt Charles Turner, Air Force: 8/30/2016

Charles Gaumer, Air Force: 9/1/2016

John Gray, Army: 9/1/2016

SGT Edwin Pfeifer, Army: 9/6/2016

Joseph Meagher, Navy: 9/9/2016

SGT James Bogucki, Army: 9/9/2016

Theodore Borrego, Army: 9/12/2016

AX3 Mark Doherty, Navy: 9/12/2016

MSgt Richard Swartz, Air Force: 9/12/2016

SPC Volker Kamnick, Army: 9/13/2016

SPC Allen Klimke, Army: 9/14/2016

Cline Dragoo, Army: 9/15/2016

SGT Michael Robert Eral, Air Force: 9/15/2016

PFC James Annibella, Army: 9/16/2016

SGT Robert Blakeney, Army: 9/19/2016

SP5 Philip Umhoefer, Army: 9/19/2016

Benedict Urbish, Air Force: 9/22/2016

Sgt Robert Sanders, Marines: 9/23/2016

Jack Harmon, Navy: 9/26/2016

SGT Don Brigham, Army: 9/27/2016

PFC Vincent Rossy-Colon, Marines: 9/28/2016

CPL Garth Ramsay Jr., Marines: 9/29/2016

CPL Shawn Dickinson, Army: 9/29/2016

SSgt Lyle Carter, Marines: 9/29/2016

A2C Anfelt Albertsen Jr, Air Force: 9/30/2016

Cornell Walter Rehm, Army: 10/3/2016

CPO Jerry S Avila, Navy: 10/3/2016

LTJG Charles Tuholski, Navy: 10/3/2016

Irvin Landis, Air Force: 10/4/2016

MSGT Jorge Chavez, Army: 10/4/2016

RM2 Thomas Booth, Navy: 10/4/2016

PV1 Leach Helker, Army: 10/5/2016

David Medina, Army: 10/12/2016

SGT Floyd Ginter, Air Force: 10/12/2016

SrA Patrick Hough, Air Force: 10/14/2016

AMN Basic Patrick Baca, Air Force: 10/15/2016

Sgt James Love, Air Force: 10/17/2016

Sgt John Mulhall, Marines: 10/17/2016

Jack Herald, Army: 10/19/2016

PFC Michael Cummings, Marines: 10/19/2016

CPL Donald Dorn, Army: 10/21/2016

PFC Donald Mayor, Army: 10/21/2016

PV1 William Kehres, Army: 10/21/2016

Gary Glenn, Army: 10/24/2016

SN Vincent St Onge, Coast Guard: 10/24/2016

PFC Fred Tournier, Army: 10/25/2016

CAPT Christopher Parente, Marines: 10/26/2016

SP3 Warren Carroll, Army: 10/27/2016

PFC James Rouse, Marines: 10/28/2016

SSgt Arthur Hadley Jr., Air Force: 10/28/2016

FR Ricky Stichler, Navy: 11/1/2016

CPL Robert Schipporeit, Army: 11/1/2016

ABF3 Kevin Stecher, Navy: 11/2/2016

CPL Charles Burr, Army: 11/3/2016

Sgt William Berry, Air Force: 11/3/2016

SK3 John Palmquist, Navy: 11/9/2016

Dennis Owen Trudeau, Air Force: 11/10/2016

1SG Martin Clever Jr., Army: 11/10/2016

John Pettid, Navy: 11/11/2016

A1C Burdett Parsons, Air Force: 11/11/2016

PV1 Richard Virgil, Army: 11/14/2016

AB Daniel Robinson, Air Force: 11/16/2016

SPC Danny Fountain, Army: 11/16/2016

COL Michael Oliva, Army: 11/17/2016

Daniel Gallegos, Army: 11/18/2016

A1C Rolland Ray West, Air Force: 11/18/2016

CY Lucille Nollet Sweatman, Coast Guard: 11/21/2016

EM3C James Burks, Navy: 11/21/2016

Robert Borrego, Army: 11/23/2016

C. Richard Cross, Army: 11/25/2016

Walter Hull, Navy: 11/25/2016

SPC James Michael Montano, Army: 11/25/2016

2LT Harry Richardson, Air Force: 11/28/2016

Jose T. Medina, Army: 11/28/2016

Ralph Sarno, Army: 11/28/2016

SFC Robert Blewett, Army: 11/28/2016

A2C Edward Goll, Air Force: 11/30/2016

AMN Basic Richard Kelter, Air Force: 12/1/2016

DK3 Mark Harper, Navy: 12/1/2016

SGT Ronald Pate, Army: 12/5/2016

Alexander Zuber, Navy: 12/6/2016

Mark Twehous, Marines: 12/6/2016

PFC Clovis R. Romero, Army: 12/6/2016

PVT Michael Steven Gallegos, Marines: 12/6/2016

William Nelson, Army and Marines: 12/7/2016

Nerov Olp, Army: 12/8/2016

A2C Omer Jackson, Air Force: 12/8/2016

SSGT James Herron Jr., Army: 12/8/2016

SSgt John Madden, Marines: 12/9/2016

A2C William Owens, Air Force: 12/12/2016

SN Anthony Suazo, Navy: 12/12/2016

GM3 Gerald Ivarson, Navy: 12/12/2016

SGT Thomas Witt, Air Force: 12/12/2016

A1C Wesley Homes, Air Force: 12/13/2016

SSgt Donald Klatt, Air Force: 12/15/2016

TSgt Leon Rutherford, Air Force: 12/16/2016

CPL Adolph A. Ruiz Jr., Army: 12/19/2016

SPC Loyd Waterman, Army: 12/19/2016

TSgt Howard B. Covey Jr., Air Force: 12/19/2016

PFC Edward Hackworth, Army: 12/20/2016

CPL Roberto Trujillo, Marines: 12/21/2016

MJR Tad Marinelli, Army: 12/21/2016

Retired Morris Quick, Air Force: 12/21/2016

AT2 Michael O'Connor, Navy: 12/22/2016

Bennie Saindon, Navy: 12/27/2016

Kenneth Burns, Army: 12/27/2016

CAPT William Brennan, Air Force: 12/28/2016

ETCS John Henry Van Konynenburg, Navy: 12/28/2016

PFC Lawrence Montez, Army: 12/29/2016

EN3 Harry Hull, Navy: 12/30/2016

Sgt Donald V. Troxell, Air Force: 12/30/2016

SK3 Retired Charles Bauer, Navy: 12/30/2016

Lorenz Happel, Army: 1/3/2017

Lori Soholt, Marines: 1/3/2017

CPL Wesley McGahie, Army: 1/3/2017

FV1 Jack Vincent, Army: 1/3/2017

LTJG Dennis Dickson, Navy: 1/4/2017

PVT Donney Benjamin Maes, Marines: 1/4/2017

Sgt Steve Markwell, Marines: 1/5/2017

Fred Cook, Army: 1/6/2017

CMSgt Abilio Marques, Air Force: 1/6/2017

CPL Michael Joseph Johner, Marines: 1/6/2017

CAPT George Clements III, Air Force: 1/6/2017

SSgt Clinton Geertgens, Air Force: 1/6/2017

Leo Martinez, Army: 1/10/2017

Michael Ladd, Army: 1/12/2017

LT COL Vincent Nelson, Air Force: 1/12/2017

TSgt Alphonse Roy, Air Force: 1/12/2017

Dale White, Marines: 1/13/2017

A1C Eldon Nelson, Air Force: 1/13/2017

SPC Daniel Denke, Army: 1/13/2017

AV Robert Bradbury, Navy: 1/16/2017

Robert Turner, Air Force: 1/16/2017

SFC Grady Bryson, Army: 1/16/2017

GySgt Michael Gallegos, Marines: 1/18/2017

SH3 Cirilo Martinez, Navy: 1/18/2017

SPC Ralph Montoya, Army: 1/18/2017

CPL Gilbert Williams, Marines: 1/19/2017

CPL Mack Ratcliffe, Army: 1/20/2017

SSGT Orval Bengston, Army: 1/20/2017

SGT Robert Conway, Army: 1/20/2017

Sgt Vincent Fitzgerald, Marines: 1/20/2017

Philip Kingsbury, Army: 1/23/2017

A1C Elmer Wacker, Air Force: 1/23/2017

CPT Tommy Hoang, Army: 1/23/2017

Allison Richard Martinez, Navy: 1/25/2017

CPL James Romero, Marines: 1/25/2017

David Talley, Marines: 1/26/2017

MMC Allen W McClure Sr, Navy: 1/26/2017

SSgt Clarence Jacobs, Air Force: 1/26/2017

SP5 Michael Bishop, Army: 1/27/2017

Otto Aichinger Jr, Navy: 1/30/2017

PV1 Pierre Jackson, Army: 1/31/2017

Clarence Page, Coast Guard: 2/1/2017

John Wilson, Army: 2/1/2017

SV-6 Paul Schnabel, Navy: 2/1/2017

CPL Daniel Neyer, Army: 2/1/2017

Medic Jerrold Crowe, Navy: 2/2/2017

PVT Andres Marquez, Marines: 2/2/2017

Gary Craig, Navy: 2/3/2017

James Mosby Bratton, Army: 2/3/2017

A1C William Clifford Mayne, Air Force: 2/3/2017

CPL Richard Troeger, Army: 2/3/2017

Christopher Walker, Air Force: 2/6/2017

SPC Thomas Thill, Army: 2/6/2017

Early Twyman Jr., Army: 2/7/2017

CPL Donald Belanger, Marines: 2/9/2017

PV1 Robin Frank, Army: 2/9/2017

SP3 Robert Towsing Jr., Army: 2/10/2017

Matthew Antonio, Air Force: 2/11/2017

PFC Robert Wren, Army: 2/13/2017

SSGT William Jestes, Army: 2/14/2017

SN Recruit Lyall Ryden, Navy: 2/14/2017

A1C Philip Artese, Air Force: 2/15/2017

CT3 Gary Huff, Navy: 2/16/2017

PFC Terrence Nash, Army: 2/16/2017

PFC Edward Tipper, Army: 2/17/2017

SP5 Steven Ruble, Army: 2/17/2017

A2C Elic Musick, Air Force: 2/20/2017

MSgt Harry Factor, Air Force: 2/20/2017

PFC Walter LaFurney, Marines: 2/21/2017

RD3 Dennis Klingensmith, Navy: 2/21/2017

CPL Mateo Bautista, Army: 2/22/2017

Robert McCoy, Navy: 2/23/2017

CPL John Lamb, Marines: 2/23/2017

AK3 Chester Curry, Navy: 2/24/2017

F3 Stephen Johnson, Navy: 2/24/2017

PV2 Larry Jungst, Army: 2/24/2017

Max Priebe, Merchant Marines: 2/27/2017

CW5 Max Owens, Army: 2/27/2017

SGT William Perrault, Army: 2/27/2017

TSgt Frank Winstead, Air Force: 2/27/2017

Carlos Guerra, Army: 3/3/2017

Kenneth Aichlmayr, Navy: 3/3/2017

1LT Robert Halbert, Marines: 3/3/2017

SrA Robert Hill, Air Force: 3/3/2017

SFC William Patterson, Army: 3/3/2017

SPC Matthias Krauss, Army: 3/3/2017

Charles Smith, Army: 3/6/2017

A1C SrA Max Sandoval, Air Force: 3/6/2017

SMSgt Lee Peters, Air Force: 3/6/2017

SP5 Tommy Sheldon, Army: 3/7/2017

Dale Burgess, Navy: 3/8/2017

LCpl James Lease, Marines: 3/8/2017

PFC William O'Hagan, Army: 3/8/2017

CPL Charles Shepherd, Army: 3/8/2017

1SG Dale Burgess, Navy: 3/9/2017

SGT Dana Hoffman, Army: 3/9/2017

George Moser, Navy: 3/10/2017

COL Paul Baldwin, Army: 3/10/2017

SPC John Fehrer, Army: 3/10/2017

TEC 4 Marjorie Ponting, Army: 3/10/2017

TSgt William Ponting, Air Force: 3/10/2017

Patrick Moran, Army: 3/13/2017

LT Marvin Killmer, Navy: 3/13/2017

SPC Paul Enzman, Army: 3/13/2017

SPC John Walls, Army: 3/13/2017

SMSgt Wayne Nelson, Air Force: 3/14/2017

CPL Karl Thomas Jr, Army: 3/14/2017

1LT Kennon Fisk, Army: 3/15/2017

1LT Virgil Dohe, Air Force: 3/17/2017

Anthony Zamora, Navy: 3/17/2017

Dennis Riles, Army: 3/17/2017

CPT Robert Blair, Army: 3/17/2017

SPC Danny Bynum, Army: 3/17/2017

PFC Joseph Tovrea, Army: 3/20/2017

Anthony Konrad, Air Force: 3/22/2017

SN Genevieve Garcia, Navy: 3/22/2017

SSgt James Azevedo, Marines: 3/23/2017

TEC 5 Joseph John Foster, Army: 3/24/2017

ARM2 Robert Yost, Navy: 3/27/2017

GM2 Raymond Yost, Navy: 3/27/2017

Sgt Charles Love Jr, Marines: 3/27/2017

Elmer McLane, Navy: 3/28/2017

Marvin Sanders, Army: 3/28/2017

Teofilo Romero, Air Force: 3/28/2017

John Sites, Army: 3/30/2017

MSgt Retired Roger Boysen, Air Force: 3/31/2017

LT Retired Paul Apodaca, Navy: 3/31/2017

SP3 Donald Hyatt, Army: 3/31/2017

SPC Stephen Gates, Army: 3/31/2017

James Foley, Air Force: 4/3/2017

AMN Clay Holmes, Air Force: 4/3/2017

SSgt Linda Petersen, Air Force: 4/3/2017

SPC John Pedroza, Army: 4/3/2017

Lisbon Carmichael, Army: 4/5/2017

PV2 John Bartges, Army: 4/5/2017

SrA Ronald Tyler Rouse, Air Force: 4/5/2017

CPO Edward Casey, Navy: 4/6/2017

MSgt MSgt Martin Brink, Air Force: 4/6/2017

YN1 Frank Navarro Jr, Coast Guard: 4/6/2017

SrA Carlos Barela Medina, Air Force: 4/7/2017

MSG Alan Blaydes, Army: 4/7/2017

PV1 John Cutright, Army: 4/7/2017

Claude Malay, Air Force: 4/10/2017

PO2 Ronald Sunnenberg, Navy: 4/10/2017

Charles Coffan, Navy: 4/11/2017

A1C Jake McDaniel, Air Force: 4/11/2017

PFC Emiliano Marez, Army: 4/12/2017

PH1 NAP Jim Doyle, Navy: 4/12/2017

SGT Kenneth Kimball II, Army: 4/13/2017

CPL Verlyn Coby, Army: 4/14/2017

PFC William Mills, Marines: 4/14/2017

PV1 Glenn Johnson, Army: 4/14/2017

1LT Robert Drawe Jr, Army: 4/17/2017

PFC Jess Chavarria, Army: 4/17/2017

A1C Donald Keefe, Air Force: 4/18/2017

SGT Freddie Conway, Army: 4/18/2017

SGT Stanley Stekel, Army: 4/18/2017

Paul Weigel, Marines: 4/19/2017

Robert Stehr, Navy: 4/19/2017

MSgt Walter Leiker, Air Force: 4/19/2017

SN1 Andrew Wood, Navy: 4/19/2017

TEC 4 Edward Sherry, Army: 4/20/2017

Soundman 3c Emmett Zerr, Coast Guard: 4/21/2017

A1C Paul WILLARD, Air Force: 4/21/2017

PFC Leroy Martinez, Army: 4/21/2017

SP5 Charles Anger, Army: 4/21/2017

SPC Robert Refuerzo, Army: 4/24/2017

PV2 Joseph Gallegos, Army: 4/25/2017

TEC 4 Thomas Watson, Army: 4/26/2017

SPC CPL Pablo Espinoza, Army: 4/27/2017

Charles Miller, Army: 4/28/2017

Nurse Norton Edgar Gwynn, Navy: 4/28/2017

SGT Archie Senst, Army: 4/28/2017

RD2 James Rae, Navy: 5/1/2017

James Domine, Navy: 5/3/2017

TEC 5 Stanley Roelker, Army Air Corps: 5/3/2017

Meliton Cordova, Army: 5/4/2017

HN Gerald Wood, Navy: 5/4/2017

Charles Stevens, Army: 5/5/2017

Ray Bartlett, Navy: 5/5/2017

MAJ William White, Air Force: 5/5/2017

A2C Jerry Lee Redwine, Air Force: 5/8/2017

LT David Lebofsky, Coast Guard: 5/8/2017

MSgt James Lee Sullivan, Air Force: 5/8/2017

Sgt Steven Bicknell, Marines: 5/8/2017

Sgt James Epperson, Marines: 5/9/2017

SSgt Robert Prokop, Navy: 5/10/2017

CSA Kenneth Peterson, Navy: 5/11/2017

MOMM3 Trovillo Weddell, Navy: 5/11/2017

PV1 PV2 9 Lloyd Walker, Army: 5/11/2017

CPL Leonard Avery, Army: 5/11/2017

Daniel Barcelona, Navy: 5/12/2017

LTJG James Griggs, Navy: 5/12/2017

SMSgt Fred Palmer, Air Force: 5/12/2017

MSgt Russell Ericson, Air Force: 5/15/2017

SPT2 Harold Gallegos, Army: 5/15/2017

Frederick Netterfield, Navy: 5/16/2017

SGT Henry Whitman, Army: 5/16/2017

TEC 4 Stanley Politowski, Army: 5/17/2017

CPT Thomas Callahan, Army: 5/18/2017

ETC William Catt, Navy: 5/18/2017

PFC Gregorio Marrijujo, Army: 5/18/2017

TSgt Sidney Benton, Air Force: 5/18/2017

PFC Carl Myklebust, Army: 5/19/2017

SPC Larry Overholt, Army: 5/19/2017

NA NA, Air Force: 5/20/2017

Richard Miller, Army: 5/22/2017

CAPT Gary Route, Air Force: 5/22/2017

PFC Allen Brown, Army: 5/22/2017

CPL Paul Brooks, Army: 5/22/2017

RMCM Charles Lennox, Coast Guard: 5/24/2017

JO2 Howard Hall, Navy: 5/24/2017

Jack Williford, Air Force: 5/25/2017

BM3 Fred Nylander, Navy: 5/25/2017

Richard Pelletier, Army: 5/26/2017

SP3 David Kinard, Army: 5/30/2017

A2C Donald Ford, Air Force: 5/31/2017

Franklin Hendershot, Army: 6/1/2017

EN3 Paul Ritz, Navy: 6/1/2017

AN Larry Owen, Navy: 6/2/2017

Sgt Craig Meredith, Marines: 6/2/2017

Paul John Garcia, Marines: 6/5/2017

FN SN Richard Grasso, Navy: 6/5/2017

Walter Presson, Navy: 6/6/2017

SSgt Donald Stookey, Air Force: 6/6/2017

Albert Cupps Jr., Marines: 6/8/2017

Richard Vanden Heuvel, Army Air Corps: 6/9/2017

SN1 John Colarosos, Navy: 6/9/2017

SSGT William Keefer, Army: 6/9/2017

TSgt Robert Caron, Air Force: 6/12/2017

SPC Duane France, Army: 6/13/2017

LTC Douglas Webb, Air Force: 6/14/2017

TEC 5 Robert Petersen, Army: 6/15/2017

Dale Sudduth, Army: 6/15/2017

PV1 William Carroll Jr., Army: 6/15/2017

RN3C George Roe, Navy: 6/15/2017

Paul Trout, Navy: 6/16/2017

Thomas Lindblom, Navy: 6/16/2017

A2C Joseph Abood, Air Force: 6/19/2017

Timothy Todd, Air Force: 6/19/2017

PO3 James Tague, Navy: 6/19/2017

SGT Gene Winters, Army: 6/19/2017

A1C James Rainer, Air Force: 6/21/2017

Ernest Krupa, Army: 6/22/2017

John Abbott, Navy: 6/22/2017

PFC Wilson Colwell, Air Force: 6/22/2017

CPL Virgle Rupple, Marines: 6/22/2017

SMSgt Jackie Wilson, Air Force: 6/22/2017

SSgt Leo McKittrick, Air Force: 6/22/2017

Bobby Swett, Army: 6/23/2017

CPL Harland Schug III, Army: 6/23/2017

EM2 John Cook, Navy: 6/23/2017

SGT Robert Fischer, Army: 6/23/2017

AO3 Donald Linkenbach, Navy: 6/26/2017

PFC James Webber, Army: 6/26/2017

Ronald Stainbrook, Army: 6/28/2017

MSGT Shirley Leiker, Other/Not Known, 6/28/2017

Kevin Maynard, Army: 6/29/2017

Kenneth Maples, Navy: 7/3/2017

SGT Joseph Eugene Scanland, Army: 7/3/2017

LT Leon Nyberg, Navy: 7/5/2017

MML3 John Battista Jr, Navy: 7/5/2017

Sgt David Thayer, Marines: 7/5/2017

TEC 4 Randall Prall, Army: 7/5/2017

MAJ Fritz Mahrholz, Air Force: 7/6/2017

COL Benjamin Eakins, Air Force: 7/7/2017

Lawrence Beaumont, Army: 7/7/2017

MSGT Samuel Thomasson, Army: 7/7/2017

PFC Michael Garner, Army: 7/7/2017

SCT Thomas Charles Flynn, Air Force: 7/7/2017

Kay Prochazka, Navy: 7/10/2017

Paul Herren, Army: 7/10/2017

Rodney Breazeale, Marines: 7/10/2017

LT COL Gerard Unrein Jr., Army: 7/10/2017

SPC Philip Daniels, Army: 7/10/2017

SP5 Larry Miller, Army: 7/10/2017

Carl Suman, Army: 7/11/2017

AT1 Benjamin Coleman, Navy: 7/12/2017

PFC John O Martinez, Army: 7/13/2017

SSgt Retired Roy Daniel, Air Force: 7/13/2017

TSgt Robert Colley, Air Force: 7/13/2017

John Rockefeller, Air Force: 7/14/2017

Keith Morgan, Army: 7/14/2017

CPL George Kirkham, Army: 7/14/2017

SP5 James Hinkle, Army: 7/14/2017

PVT Paul Ingram, Marines: 7/18/2017

RM3 John Duane, Navy: 7/18/2017

PSC Clifford Imhof, Navy: 7/19/2017

PFC James Shipley, Marines: 7/20/2017

Clifford Jensen, Army: 7/21/2017

1LT Mark Nesbitt, Army: 7/21/2017

SPC Phillip Campbell, Army: 7/25/2017

SSgt David Gerwing, Air Force: 7/25/2017

SP5 George Priester, Army: 7/26/2017

Donald Peters, Air Force: 7/27/2017

SGT James Fries Jr., Army: 7/27/2017

SK2 Walter Nacelli, Coast Guard: 7/27/2017

Joseph DeSanctis, Army: 7/28/2017

SSGT William Murray, Army: 7/28/2017

MSGT John W. Bettridge, Army: 7/28/2017

Sgt Stephen Neill Jr., Marines: 7/28/2017

SGT Arthur Alan Tillery, Army: 8/1/2017

SSgt Joseph Bain, Air Force: 8/1/2017

Richard Marshall, Coast Guard: 8/2/2017

AB David Irish, Air Force: 8/2/2017

FN Carlos Lopez, Navy: 8/2/2017

LT COL Anthony Angello, Army: 8/3/2017

Wallace Smilanic, Navy: 8/4/2017

AA William Morrow, Navy: 8/4/2017

Joseph Herring, Army: 8/7/2017

PFC Arthur Hackathorn, Army: 8/7/2017

SGT Eliazim Garcia, Army: 8/7/2017

PFC Allen Morman, Army: 8/7/2017

William Londen, Navy: 8/8/2017

1LT Thomas Wise, Air Force: 8/9/2017

Henry Baldwin, Army: 8/9/2017

PFC Larry Dix, Army: 8/10/2017

Robert Tegeder, Navy: 8/11/2017

PV2 Allan Lager, Army: 8/14/2017

TSgt Kenneth Faust, Air Force: 8/14/2017

TSgt Loren Leroy Grams, Air Force: 8/14/2017

Evelyn Howe, Navy: 8/15/2017

CAPT Mark Raymond, Air Force: 8/15/2017

Charles Eugene Dewey, Marines: 8/16/2017

Gaylord Pinney, Air Force: 8/16/2017

CPL Gary Frank Schneider, Army: 8/17/2017

STG3 Donny Lee Wright, Navy: 8/17/2017

Dennis Davis, Air Force: 8/18/2017

A1C Harry Staub Jr, Air Force: 8/18/2017

SPC Michael Boe, Army: 8/18/2017

ENS Richard Morrow, Navy: 8/21/2017

LT COL Nancy Morrow, Army: 8/21/2017

SGT LeRoy Trujillo, Army: 8/22/2017

SP5 Steven Petersen, Army: 8/22/2017

Everett Ray Golden, Marines: 8/25/2017

PFC James Smith, Army: 8/25/2017

SPC Michael Taylor, Army: 8/25/2017

TEC 5 James Smith, Army: 8/25/2017

Donald Quandt, Army: 8/28/2017

LCpl William Edward Burden, Marines: 8/28/2017

LTJG Charles Freeland, Navy: 8/28/2017

A1C Ralph Espinoza, Air Force: 8/29/2017

A2C Robert Leslie Gilpatrick, Air Force: 8/30/2017

A3C Randolph Edwards, Air Force: 8/30/2017

SSgt Earl Grantham, Air Force: 8/30/2017

Nicholas Allen Brown, Air Force: 8/31/2017

MSgt Robert David Reagle, Air Force: 8/31/2017

Bruce Birza, Navy: 9/1/2017

MAJ LoRetiredta Struthers, Air Force: 9/1/2017

CPL Richard Scherling, Army: 9/6/2017

MSgt John Kretsch, Air Force: 9/7/2017

Albert Mares Jr, Army: 9/8/2017

Gerald Johnson, Army: 9/8/2017

CPL Tony Landcraft, Army: 9/8/2017

MSgt Norman Greenhouse, Air Force: 9/8/2017

June Doucett, Army: 9/12/2017

1LT Charles W Copeland, Army: 9/12/2017

SGT Eugene Lee Rose, Army: 9/12/2017

PO2 Victor Vaile, Navy: 9/12/2017

PVT Kenneth Jones, Marines: 9/12/2017

Wayne Adkisson, Navy: 9/13/2017

MJR Warner Leeds IV, Army: 9/13/2017

MSGT Walter Ferguson, Army: 9/13/2017

Sgt Ervin Vondale COLe, Marines: 9/13/2017

TSgt Edward Lewis Dodge Jr., Air Force: 9/13/2017

Augusto Skinner, Army: 9/14/2017

James Dittemore, Navy: 9/14/2017

PVT Danny Gene McCawley, Marines: 9/14/2017

SFC Benjamin Sterling Cramer, Army: 9/14/2017

SGT William White, Army: 9/15/2017

Harry Mattson, Navy: 9/18/2017

Lutz Dittrich, Air Force: 9/19/2017

CPL Fred Cunningham, Army: 9/19/2017

PFC Gregory Weber, Army: 9/19/2017

Arthur Gercken, Navy: 9/21/2017

Vianes Rodriguez, Army: 9/22/2017

LT COL John R. Postas, Air Force: 9/22/2017

PFC Stephen kappel, Army: 9/22/2017

Thomas O'Neal, Army: 9/25/2017

LTCDR James Hurlbut, Navy: 9/25/2017

SFC Billie Jackson (and wife), Army: 9/25/2017

Floyd Kohut, Navy: 9/26/2017

Calvin Anderson, Air Force: 9/28/2017

Harry Koch, Army: 9/28/2017

AQF3 Thomas Kurtz, Navy: 9/28/2017

ENFN Anthony Rivera, Navy: 9/28/2017

MJR Leo Hanover, Army: 9/28/2017

CPL Jack Holley, Army: 9/29/2017

Connie Slater, Army: 10/2/2017

SGM Donald Von Gunden, Army: 10/2/2017

SPC Joe Williams Jr., Army: 10/2/2017

CS3 Howard Richard Hedges, Navy: 10/3/2017

PV1 Ellef Farstveet, Army: 10/3/2017

SP7 LeRoy Nolte, Army: 10/3/2017

TD2 Julia Smith, Navy: 10/4/2017

Darrell Andersen, Army: 10/5/2017

Mark Gordier, Marines: 10/5/2017

Sgt Joseph Wayne Mazzotta, Marines: 10/5/2017

SPC Peter Cusack, Army: 10/5/2017

Walter Ratcliff, Army: 10/6/2017

BT3 Robert William Exstrom, Navy: 10/6/2017

PFC William Hempel, Marines: 10/7/2017

SPC Bill Wilson, Army: 10/9/2017

John Adams Carson, Army: 10/10/2017

SrA Dona McBryde, Air Force: 10/10/2017

SPQTSA Ivan Smith, Navy: 10/10/2017

LT COL Harry Dodge, Army: 10/11/2017

William Sweeney, Coast Guard: 10/13/2017

AT2 Dean Harrison, Navy: 10/13/2017

CPL Kenneth Wingard, Army: 10/16/2017

SSgt Dennis Wayne Novak, Air Force: 10/16/2017

PVT Lawrence Buse, Marines: 10/16/2017

SSgt Curtis Davis, Air Force: 10/16/2017

AB Richard Lewis Devich, Air Force: 10/17/2017

TEC 5 Melbourne William Miller, Army: 10/17/2017

SPC Juan Gonzales, Army: 10/19/2017

Ronald Perkins, Army: 10/20/2017

John Foley, Air Force: 10/20/2017

CPL Emil Joseph Kuchar, Army: 10/20/2017

Charles Sharrock, Army: 10/23/2017

John L. Petroski, Marines: 10/23/2017

ADSN Thomas Junk, Navy: 10/23/2017

MSgt David Egleston, Marines: 10/23/2017

CMSgt Angelo Leonardo Mazzi, Air Force: 10/24/2017

PFC Frances Pfannenstiel, Marines: 10/24/2017

COL Erin Hurd, Army National Guard, 10/25/2017

TEC 5 Richard Beatty, Army Air Corps: 10/25/2017

ESN Dorothy Wahl, Navy: 10/26/2017

SGT SrA James Dennis Jr., Air Force: 10/27/2017

MSgt Sam Craver, Air Force: 10/27/2017

William Patrick Sullivan, Army: 10/30/2017

COL Alfred Griebling, Army: 10/30/2017

SSGT Michael Rodman, Army: 10/30/2017

Alton Skinner, Air Force: 11/1/2017

SPC Randy Stromlund, Army: 11/1/2017

SSGT Harvey Franklin, Army: 11/1/2017

A3C Ralph Mroch, Air Force: 11/2/2017

CPL Leonard Heiferling, Army Air Corps: 11/2/2017

Michael Dunne, Navy: 11/3/2017

MSgt William Strunk, Air Force: 11/3/2017

PV2 William Smith, Army: 11/3/2017

A1C Kelvin Lewis Booker, Air Force: 11/6/2017

LCpl Edward Lee Shook Jr., Marines: 11/6/2017

Robert Henson, Army: 11/7/2017

A1C Rosalio Vialpando, Air Force: 11/8/2017

MSG Luther Seagraves, Army: 11/8/2017

James Thorson, Army: 11/9/2017

LCpl Charles Smith, Marines: 11/9/2017

John Marshall Corgan Jr, Army: 11/10/2017

Robert Smith, Army: 11/10/2017

A2C John Garcia, Air Force: 11/13/2017

Ezekiel Taylor, Air Force: 11/13/2017

MM3 George Stahl, Navy: 11/13/2017

A1C SrA Joseph Harris, Air Force: 11/14/2017

SPC Robert Segesser, Army: 11/14/2017

1LT E-2 Randolph Pyle, Air Force: 11/15/2017

Dean Schoenthaler, Army: 11/15/2017

William Morton, Navy: 11/15/2017

Janice Villhauer, Navy: 11/16/2017

Roger Cordova, Army: 11/16/2017

CPL Gary Vaughn Korb, Marines: 11/16/2017

FP3 Vern Dale Coble, Navy: 11/16/2017

Ralph Miranda, Army: 11/17/2017

Mark Patrick Bidon, Navy: 11/17/2017

CWO2 Billy Youngblood, Navy: 11/17/2017

F3C Carl Lundeen, Navy: 11/17/2017

Rev. Rayford Benjamin Pouncy, Army: 11/17/2017

SP5 Edward Graham, Army: 11/17/2017

SSgt Otis Matthews, Air Force: 11/17/2017

Donald Kay, Navy: 11/20/2017

John Harms, Navy: 11/20/2017

MSgt Samuel Cooks, Air Force: 11/20/2017

PFC Lewis James Mazotti, Marines: 11/20/2017

SSgt Retired Charles Randall Smallwood Jr, Air Force: 11/20/2017

Robert Vassau, Army: 11/21/2017

Dolores Hill, Army: 11/21/2017

SSGT Robert Tydangco, Army: 11/21/2017

QM3 Lewis Leon Gaiter Jr, Navy: 11/21/2017

SSgt Gerald Wayne Spakes, Air Force: 11/21/2017

A1C Benjamin Franklin Reeves, Air Force: 11/22/2017

PO2 Charles Hill, Coast Guard: 11/22/2017

SP5 Stanley Nedrow Kohtz, Army: 11/22/2017

Pablo Garcia, Navy: 11/24/2017

A1C Benito Rodriguez, Air Force: 11/24/2017

SGT Richard Marchand, Air Force: 11/24/2017

CAPT Robert Davidson, Air Force: 11/27/2017

SPC James Roy Conrad, Army: 11/27/2017

LT COL John SKORENKI, Air Force: 11/30/2017

SP3 Joseph Lasseter Kolb, Army: 12/1/2017

Frederick Burks Jr, Army: 12/4/2017

Sergeant Felicita Quintana-Sanchez, Air Force: 12/4/2017

AO3 Robert Morin, Navy: 12/4/2017

TEC 4 Joseph Barry, Army: 12/4/2017

Jack Hagan, Navy: 12/5/2017

Max Stewart, Army: 12/5/2017

PFC Henry Millson Jr., Army: 12/5/2017

PFC William Bankenstein, Army: 12/5/2017

Franklin Gumaer, Army: 12/6/2017

Charles Joseph Greeley, Navy: 12/7/2017

2LT Patricia Hall, Army: 12/7/2017

PV1 John Sipprell, Army: 12/8/2017

PV1 Leon Guidry, Army: 12/11/2017

Audrey Harris, Air Force: 12/13/2017

Ivan Flor, Navy: 12/13/2017

CPL Elias Vigil, Marines: 12/13/2017

SP3 Forest Peneton, Army: 12/13/2017

Spensley Schroder, Army: 12/14/2017

A1C Casandra Wilbon, Air Force: 12/14/2017

PV1 Robert Reuben Munoz, Army: 12/14/2017

Gino Allen, Army: 12/18/2017

Lauren McDaniel, Army: 12/18/2017

Sgt Greely Baggett, Marines: 12/18/2017

SGT Leroy Cook Jr, Air Force: 12/18/2017

Ben Stone, Army: 12/19/2017

PFC Nathaniel. Bridges, Army: 12/19/2017

CPT Jack Cauch, Army: 12/20/2017

SA Robert Collette, Navy: 12/22/2017

CPL Robert Haynes, Army: 12/22/2017

TSgt Charles Truax Jr., Air Force: 12/22/2017

PVT James Alcorn, Marines: 12/26/2017

Joe Hurtado, Marines: 12/28/2017

1LT Donald Baron Davis, Marines: 12/29/2017

AR Franklin Brown, Navy: 12/29/2017

Martin Hernandez, Air Force: 1/3/2018

S1 Gladys Johncox, Coast Guard: 1/4/2018

Donald Luchtenburg, Navy: 1/4/2018

CPL Richard Czajkowski, Marines: 1/4/2018

Raymond Buzzard, Marines: 1/5/2018

MAJ Joseph Smith, Air Force: 1/5/2018

PHM1 Martin Tarnott, Navy: 1/5/2018

SGT George Grady, Army: 1/5/2018

Arthur Lenderink, Navy: 1/8/2018

PFC William Baca, Army: 1/8/2018

PV2 Major Hall Jr., Army: 1/8/2018

SP2 Robert Waterman, Army: 1/10/2018

Gerald Charter, Air Force: 1/11/2018

LT COL Hurl Risner, Air Force: 1/11/2018

Sgt Max Brown, Marines: 1/11/2018

Ralph Edward Beechum, Army: 1/15/2018

SN Margaret Leberer, Navy: 1/15/2018

PFC Scott Mellema, Army: 1/16/2018

TMI Jackie Chaney, Navy: 1/17/2018

SSGT Elbert Payne, Army: 1/17/2018

Cecil Wayne Duke, Navy: 1/18/2018

A1C John Lookabill, Air Force: 1/18/2018

RD2 William Bryant, Navy: 1/18/2018

Richard Heston, Marines: 1/19/2018

PFC Eloy Salazar, Army: 1/19/2018

COL Malcolm Lindsay, Air Force: 1/22/2018

John Lara, Army: 1/22/2018

Kylie Agnew, Army: 1/22/2018

Robert Tafoya, Army: 1/22/2018

William Mussack, Marines: 1/22/2018

MSG Carlton Brookshier, Army: 1/22/2018

PFC Antonio Medina, Army: 1/22/2018

Y3 June Ferrell, Navy: 1/22/2018

Jack Weber, Air Force: 1/23/2018

Marvin Stevens, Navy: 1/23/2018

Carl Stone Jr, Marines: 1/24/2018

SSgt Raul Berela, Air Force: 1/24/2018

Jimmy Peak, Air Force: 1/25/2018

Charles Kenner, Army: 1/26/2018

Ronald McCune, Navy: 1/26/2018

A1C Gerald Hoff, Air Force: 1/26/2018

MSgt Theodore Thomas, Air Force: 1/26/2018

TSgt Robert Ury, Air Force: 1/26/2018

Bobby Woods, Army: 1/29/2018

GM2 Lance Carlson, Navy: 1/29/2018

Bill Horn, Army: 1/31/2018

Nicholas Villanueba Jr, Navy: 2/1/2018

Donald Langlett, Navy: 2/2/2018

Clarence Martinez, Navy: 2/2/2018

Guy Stocking Jr, Army: 2/2/2018

Stephen Butterbaugh, Air Force: 2/2/2018

Ronald Reneau, Marines: 2/5/2018

MJR Steven Searcy, Army: 2/5/2018

SPC David Lewis, Army: 2/5/2018

RONALD DAVIS, Army: 2/8/2018

Walter Stigall, Coast Guard: 2/9/2018

SSgt Donald Lenker, Air Force: 2/9/2018

A2C Peter Seurer, Army Air Corps: 2/12/2018

SFC Retired Billy Jones, Army: 2/12/2018

Peter Lujan, Army: 2/13/2018

Richard Meisner, Navy: 2/13/2018

LT COL Robert Baldauf, Air Force: 2/13/2018

SP5 Robert Suter, Army: 2/13/2018

MSG Clifford McPeck, Army: 2/14/2018

Donald Fahrni, Army: 2/15/2018

John Suniga, Air Force: 2/15/2018

Gregory Emerson, Navy: 2/16/2018

John Williams, Air Force: 2/16/2018

Manuel Fernandez Jr., Air Force: 2/19/2018

Robert Galassani, Navy: 2/19/2018

2LT Bernice Nelson, Army: 2/19/2018

Charles John Leo Gallegos, Marines: 2/20/2018

Robert Walters, Navy: 2/20/2018

Philip Sandage, Air Force: 2/21/2018

Roger Gonzales, Navy: 2/21/2018

Joseph White, Navy: 2/22/2018

William Haligas, Navy: 2/22/2018

SA Robert Pedigo, Navy: 2/22/2018

1LT Charles Hall, Air Force: 2/23/2018

MAJ Robert Shelton, Air Force: 2/23/2018

SPC Kenneth Hannigan, Army: 2/23/2018

Giuseppe Menna, Army: 2/26/2018

John Benaglio, Army: 2/26/2018

MM2 Gerald Collins, Navy: 2/27/2018

Robert Olson, Army: 2/28/2018

CPL Kenneth Orme, Army: 2/28/2018

Maurice Reuler, Army: 3/1/2018

Larry Davis, Marines: 3/2/2018

Richard Lloyd, Army: 3/2/2018

CPL Vincent Gurule, Army: 3/2/2018

MSgt Modesto Martinez, Air Force: 3/2/2018

SSgt Henry Reynolds, Air Force: 3/2/2018

COL Kenneth Baird, Air Force: 3/5/2018

A2C Ramon Sabedra Jr., Air Force: 3/6/2018

PFC Carl Johnson, Army: 3/6/2018

PFC Jerry Nelson, Army: 3/6/2018

CPL Daniel John Manzanares, Marines: 3/7/2018

EN3 James Patrick, Navy: 3/7/2018

PO3 Londell Jones, Navy: 3/7/2018

Charles Damp, Air Force: 3/8/2018

COL Robert Ripple, Air Force: 3/8/2018

Edward Lewis, Navy: 3/9/2018

EM3 Louis Anders, Navy: 3/9/2018

PFC William Healy, Army: 3/9/2018

SPC Paul Dyer, Army: 3/9/2018

A3C Joe Zamora, Air Force: 3/12/2018

Frank Brassell, Army: 3/12/2018

Homer Durst, Air Force: 3/13/2018

COL Gerhardt Clementson, Air Force: 3/13/2018

David James Nordyke, Marines: 3/13/2018

MM3 Harold Cozart, Navy: 3/13/2018

Howard Koziara, Air Force: 3/14/2018

George Davey, Air Force: 3/15/2018

James Conley, Army: 3/15/2018

SN Ralph Wilson, Navy: 3/15/2018

Allen Thompson, Army: 3/16/2018

Robert Erickson, Army: 3/16/2018

PFC Richard Speck, Army: 3/16/2018

SSGT Herbert Butler, Army: 3/16/2018

CPL Raymond Alvarado, Army: 3/19/2018

Sgt Gary Day, Marines: 3/19/2018

SGT Retired Jessie Donald Howard, Army: 3/20/2018

Lupe Lopez, Air Force: 3/21/2018

Michael Mastin, Navy: 3/21/2018

MJR Michael Flanagan, Army: 3/21/2018

TSgt Thomas Johannsen, Air Force: 3/21/2018

Marion Hernandez Jr, Air Force: 3/22/2018

Ronald Conlan, Army: 3/22/2018

WT3 James Wolke, Navy: 3/22/2018

James Salzman, Navy: 3/23/2018

PFC Glen Fornera, Army: 3/23/2018

COL Leo Brown, Air Force: 3/26/2018

Ronald Luksich, Navy: 3/26/2018

F2 Marvin Hutcheson, Navy: 3/26/2018

1LT John Berry, Air Force: 3/27/2018

MSgt Clyde Achterberg, Marines: 3/27/2018

A3C Cledus Brockel, Air Force: 3/28/2018

Jack Thomas, Navy: 3/28/2018

Jose Reymundo Trujillo, Army: 3/28/2018

Duane Lemburg, Army: 3/29/2018

Thomas Fernandez, Army: 3/29/2018

A1C William Pleins Jr, Air Force: 3/29/2018

CPL Harold Lilienthal, Army: 3/29/2018

SSgt Robert Mondragon, Air Force: 3/29/2018

Dennis Fox, Air Force: 3/30/2018

James Stuckenschneider, Marines: 3/30/2018

LT COL Retired Steele William J., Army: 3/30/2018

Thomas Kaiser, Marines: 4/2/2018

SSgt Willie Moton, Air Force: 4/2/2018

SFC Larry Padilla, Army: 4/4/2018

SSGT Clyde Kirkpatrick Jr, Army: 4/4/2018

PFC Walter COLby, Army: 4/5/2018

A1C James Leeper, Air Force: 4/6/2018

SA James Trujillo, Navy: 4/6/2018

SP5 Stanley Kuchel, Army: 4/6/2018

Robert Buckley, Coast Guard: 4/9/2018

CS3 Dawson Samuels, Navy: 4/9/2018

PFC Hall Robert, Army: 4/9/2018

RD2 William Spradling, Navy: 4/9/2018

SSGT Reyne Stokes-Lopez, Army: 4/9/2018

Charles Chizzo, Army: 4/10/2018

Stephen Walter Pahs, Air Force: 4/10/2018

SGT Robert Hippler, Air Force: 4/11/2018

SP5 Mark McKinnon, Army: 4/11/2018

Flecther J. Johnson, Army: 4/12/2018

SN Sandy Clark, Navy: 4/12/2018

Charles Kemerling, Navy: 4/13/2018

A3C Connie Wetmore, Air Force: 4/13/2018

CPL John Romero, Army: 4/13/2018

DMES Rodney Gilbreath, Navy: 4/13/2018

LT COL Iona Connolly, Army: 4/13/2018

SGT Freemond Seney, Air Force: 4/13/2018

Stephen Irwin, Army: 4/16/2018

SGT Donald Seavey, Army: 4/16/2018

SSgt Edmund Bennett, Marines: 4/16/2018

Sidney Zahalsky, Navy: 4/17/2018

SSgt James Vogelsang, Air Force: 4/17/2018

A2C Hobart Gordy, Air Force: 4/18/2018

ABSN Zachary Capra, Navy: 4/18/2018

PFC James Barnes, Army: 4/18/2018

James McLuckie, Army: 4/19/2018

Paul Marsh, Navy: 4/19/2018

SrA John Shover, Air Force: 4/19/2018

SK3 Terry Stahl, Navy: 4/19/2018

Eugene Allison, Army: 4/20/2018

PFC Kenneth Gasiorowski, Army: 4/20/2018

PV1 Joseph Salaz, Army: 4/20/2018

SSgt William Barcroft, Air Force: 4/20/2018

Vernon Giron, Army: 4/23/2018

SGT Thomas Johnson, Army: 4/23/2018

FC3 Donald Molen, Navy: 4/23/2018

SSgt Thomas Dame, Marines: 4/23/2018

PVT Terrence Troudt, Marines: 4/24/2018

TSgt Gene Breeden, Air Force: 4/25/2018

SGT Daniel Griffin, Air Force: 4/26/2018

LCpl Juan Garcia, Marines: 4/26/2018

LTC David Lueck, Air Force: 4/26/2018

SPC John Blaydes, Army: 4/26/2018

SPC John Oxley, Army: 4/26/2018

SPC Vincent Mosley, Army: 4/26/2018

SSGT Thomas Uzialko, Army: 4/26/2018

Thomas Buckles, Army: 4/27/2018

AMS2 Rodney Norman, Navy: 4/27/2018

CTI1 Frank Kessler, Navy: 4/27/2018

1LT Norris Requist, Air Force: 4/30/2018

CAPT Retired Robert Doyle Colvin, Navy: 4/30/2018

MMFN James Benton Woods Jr, Navy: 4/30/2018

SSGT Richard J. Lowe, Army Air Corps: 4/30/2018

SSGT Richard Sullivan, Army: 4/30/2018

William Robert Ginwright, Army: 5/1/2018

LT COL Eugene Ecker, Army: 5/2/2018

Jorge Tarango, Navy: 5/3/2018

SSgt Richard Huffman, Air Force: 5/3/2018

Charley Covey, Army: 5/4/2018

COL James Reeves, Air Force: 5/4/2018

James Paulsen, Navy: 5/4/2018

CMSgt Elmer Maloney, Air Force: 5/4/2018

MSgt Thomas Yingling, Air Force: 5/4/2018

Clifford Weister, Navy: 5/7/2018

MS3 John Aragon, Navy: 5/7/2018

MSG Herman C de Gala Sr, Army: 5/7/2018

SGT Dennis Moldenhauer, Army: 5/8/2018

SGT Lawrence Bickford, Army: 5/8/2018

MR2 Sherman Evans, Navy: 5/9/2018

COL Turner David, Marines: 5/10/2018

PV1 Leroy Wheeler, Army: 5/10/2018

LTJG Peter Van Soest, Navy: 5/11/2018

MAJ Joseph Little, Air Force: 5/11/2018

MSG Gerald Bolus, Army: 5/11/2018

SPC Dennis Allen Long, Army: 5/11/2018

SSgt Burton Houghes, Air Force: 5/11/2018

GMG3 William Smedberg, Navy: 5/14/2018

PHG3 Margaret Lucas, Navy: 5/14/2018

SPC Gabriel Conde, Army: 5/14/2018

SrA Steven Conrad, Air Force: 5/14/2018

MSgt Retired Willie Jones, Air Force: 5/16/2018

MAJ Joseph FerRetiredti, Air Force: 5/17/2018

PV1 Isaac Karl Post, Army: 5/17/2018

MAJ Stephen Metteer, Air Force: 5/18/2018

PFC robert patrone, Army: 5/18/2018

FREEDOM RIDE, NOT FUNERAL Air Force: 5/19/2018

Sarah Lobser, Navy: 5/21/2018

Joseph Pacheco, Marines: 5/22/2018

LT Frederick I Fletemeyer, Navy: 5/22/2018

PFC Elio Tasin, Army: 5/23/2018

ST2 Hollins Tizeno, Navy: 5/23/2018

Arthur Goodrich, Navy: 5/24/2018

AO2 Ronald Higginson, Navy: 5/24/2018

CW3 Lindy G. STONE, Army: 5/29/2018

HT3 Clarence Pettinger, Navy: 5/29/2018

SP3 Arthur Naranjo, Army: 5/29/2018

1LT Farrel hobbs, Army: 5/30/2018

PVT Donald Liomin, Marines: 5/30/2018

PV1 Steven McKenna, Army: 5/30/2018

SGT Don Corley, Army Air Corps: 5/30/2018

TSgt Robert Christensen, Air Force: 5/30/2018

Joseph Kropf, Army: 5/31/2018

A3C Melvin Pikitch, Air Force: 5/31/2018

Operations Officer/Combat Pilot John William Reisbig, Army Air Corps: 6/1/2018

Tech Sgt Maxine Joan Reisbig, Marines: 6/1/2018

CPL Thomas Rendon, Marines: 6/1/2018

Y3 Donald Ellis, Navy: 6/1/2018

Charles Edward Preston, Air Force: 6/4/2018

Ronald Davis, Navy: 6/4/2018

SSGT James Baker, Army: 6/4/2018

PFC Harry Sherrard, Army: 6/4/2018

Sgt Robert Wallen, Marines: 6/4/2018

Sgt Timothy Andrews, Marines: 6/4/2018

SN William Dennis, Navy: 6/5/2018

PFC Richard Lynch, Marines: 6/5/2018

PV1 Anthony Caruso, Army: 6/5/2018

TEC 4 William Roat, Army: 6/5/2018

PFC Benny Brown, Army: 6/6/2018

SGT Joseph Conner, Air Force: 6/6/2018

Charles Yorke, Navy: 6/7/2018

Richard Chovan, Marines: 6/7/2018

Robert Irey, Navy: 6/7/2018

Craig Vincent Williams, Army: 6/8/2018

AD1 Fred Bustillos, Navy: 6/8/2018

CPL Ralph Vigil, Marines: 6/8/2018

MAJ Charles Bruner, Air Force: 6/8/2018

SGT Bernard Britton, Army: 6/8/2018

SGT David Espinoza, Army: 6/8/2018

SPC Henry Westrich, Army: 6/8/2018

1SG Bert Skinner, Army: 6/11/2018

Laura Weyna, Army: 6/12/2018

SA John Allender, Navy: 6/12/2018

PV1 Ronald Hood, Army: 6/12/2018

PV2 Michael Lester, Army: 6/14/2018

MAJ Retired James W. Cooksey, Air Force: 6/14/2018

SSGT Emmett Cassidy, Army: 6/14/2018

SPC Douglas Carroll, Army: 6/14/2018

AMN Ingrid Papich, Air Force: 6/15/2018

CPL Christopher Pritts, Marines: 6/15/2018

CPL Richard Schmit, Army: 6/15/2018

PFC Joe Cordova, Army: 6/15/2018

S1C Gary Roberts, Navy: 6/15/2018

SFC John Doll, Army: 6/15/2018

Gary Lester, Army: 6/18/2018

A1C Donald Bergt, Air Force: 6/18/2018

CPL Frank Martinez, Army: 6/18/2018

LTJG Dean Hollinger, Navy: 6/18/2018

SSgt Walter Hitchcock, Air Force: 6/18/2018

CCK Homer Byrd, Marines: 6/19/2018

CPT Michaeline Lutz, Army: 6/19/2018

EN3 Robert Beebe, Navy: 6/19/2018

PV1 Robert Owens, Army: 6/19/2018

SM2 LeRoy Spotanski, Navy: 6/19/2018

SR Oiler II Albert Padilla, Navy: 6/19/2018

CAPT Gary Route, Air Force: 6/21/2018

PO3 Wallace Eakes, Navy: 6/21/2018

Leo Gonzales, Army: 6/22/2018

William Cusic, Army: 6/22/2018

PV1 Philip Jones, Army: 6/22/2018

SFC Jerry Robinson, Army: 6/22/2018

SN John Cross, Navy: 6/22/2018

SPC Frank Vargas, Army: 6/22/2018

1LT Marian Jones, Air Force: 6/25/2018

MSgt Samuel Dudley Jr., Air Force: 6/25/2018

Delton Rogers, Air Force: 6/26/2018

AB George Yiannikis, Air Force: 6/26/2018

MGySgt Ernest Martinez, Marines: 6/26/2018

SGT DeWayne Skinner, Army: 6/26/2018

SP5 Timothy deMeza, Army: 6/26/2018

Richard Edward Rinker, Army: 6/27/2018

SR Paul Anthony Moreno, Navy: 6/27/2018

SSGT William Helm, Army: 6/27/2018

SP5 Theodore Gerber, Army: 6/27/2018

SSGT John Van Nest, Army: 6/27/2018

A1C Walter Thomas Kyle, Air Force: 6/28/2018

A1C David Proski, Air Force: 6/28/2018

SSgt Ronald Cooke, Air Force: 6/28/2018

SGT Frank Linden, Air Force: 6/29/2018

Robert Mills, Navy: 7/2/2018

PO2 Travis Angely, Navy: 7/2/2018

FT2 John G Miller, Navy: 7/2/2018

SP3 Chester Ross, Army: 7/2/2018

1LT Helen Boling, Army: 7/3/2018

COL Lawrence Lawler, Marines: 7/3/2018

SrA Richard Zwetzig, Air Force: 7/3/2018

LT COL John Lane, Air Force: 7/3/2018

A2C John August, Air Force: 7/5/2018

MSgt Retired Jack Shepperd, Air Force: 7/5/2018

SGT Milton Adams, Army Air Corps: 7/5/2018

CPL Nello DeSchamps, Army: 7/5/2018

Dennis Lauth, Navy: 7/6/2018

FTGSN Theodore Coontz, Navy: 7/6/2018

SSgt Harold Reinwald, Air Force: 7/6/2018

LT COL Desaussure Bull, Army: 7/9/2018

MJR Samuel Vanderbilt, Army: 7/10/2018

Juan Arellano, Army: 7/11/2018

SGT T Othel Harris, Army: 7/11/2018

SSGT George Lockwood, Army Air Corps: 7/11/2018

Harold Ray Van Allen Jr., Army: 7/12/2018

Charles Edward Mitchell, Navy: 7/13/2018

Orlando Romero, Marines: 7/13/2018

PFC Steven Dunavin, Marines: 7/13/2018

TSgt Nathan Riles, Air Force: 7/13/2018

John Joseph Driscoll, Navy: 7/16/2018

Rosella Vanorman, Army: 7/16/2018

Master Chief Richard Howell, Navy: 7/17/2018

LCpl Thomas Marquardt, Marines: 7/18/2018

SP5 Terry Horn, Army: 7/18/2018

Sgt Charles Robinson Jr., Marines: 7/19/2018

SPC William White Jr., Army: 7/19/2018

A1C Pat Flynn, Air Force: 7/20/2018

AMH2 Leroy Sallee, Navy: 7/20/2018

SSGT Louis Olivera, Army: 7/20/2018

Roland Danford, Navy: 7/23/2018

MSG Retired Robert Knisely Jr, Army: 7/23/2018

SMSgt Ronald Baker, Air Force: 7/23/2018

Corpsman Daniel Spensieri, Navy: 7/24/2018

MSgt Oscar Grubb, Air Force: 7/24/2018

A2C Wayne Jurgens, Air Force: 7/25/2018

CT3 Robert Koenig, Navy: 7/25/2018

SGT Leroy Romero, Army: 7/25/2018

SSgt Kenneth B. Batson, Air Force: 7/25/2018

Richard Valley, Navy: 7/26/2018

Archie Jones Jr, Army: 7/27/2018

Calvin Jelf, Air Force: 7/27/2018

CPL Craig Myers, Army: 7/27/2018

CPL Milton Howard, Army: 7/27/2018

S1C Dallas Perrine, Navy: 7/30/2018

Sgt Donald Smith, Air Force: 7/31/2018

SPC Joseph Adams, Army: 7/31/2018

PFC William Blackmore, Marines: 8/1/2018

CPT Stephen Antony, Army: 8/2/2018

MU1 Douglas Barnett, Navy: 8/2/2018

SGT William Cottrell, Army: 8/3/2018

A1C Robert Woodrow WIlson Cress Jr., Air Force: 8/6/2018

CPL Bliss Bushman, Army Air Corps: 8/6/2018

PFC Samuel Delille, Army: 8/7/2018

SP3 Hopkins Gary, Army: 8/7/2018

A1C Thomas Christopher, Air Force: 8/8/2018

SP3 Wayne Albert Spear, Navy: 8/8/2018

PFC Florentino Gallegos, Marines: 8/9/2018

A1C Floyd Swenson, Air Force: 8/10/2018

CMG2 William Sandusky, Navy: 8/10/2018

SN Florence Michael, Navy: 8/10/2018

1LT Richard Bornhofen, Army: 8/13/2018

LTJG Floyd Robert Nelson, Navy: 8/14/2018

PFC Donald Van Dell, Army: 8/14/2018

LTC Douglas Sowards, Army: 8/15/2018

AR-HS Michael A Hendrix, Navy: 8/16/2018

SSgt Robert Henry, Air Force: 8/16/2018

A1C John Frans, Air Force: 8/17/2018

PFC Roy Bernard, Army: 8/17/2018

SP5 Stanley Gora, Army: 8/17/2018

SFC Robert Fields, Army: 8/20/2018

SPC Bruce Loney, Army: 8/20/2018

SPC Jerry Brennan, Army: 8/21/2018

PV1 Jack Podzinski, Army: 8/22/2018

PV1 Clarence Todd, Army: 8/23/2018

AMN Boyde Larson, Air Force: 8/24/2018

MAJ Harold Dawe Jr, Marines: 8/24/2018

Richard Black, Army: 8/25/2018

TSgt George Williamson, Air Force: 8/27/2018

SSgt Donald Huston, Air Force: 8/28/2018

Frank Kellogg, Navy: 8/29/2018

SPC Ronald Braswell, Army: 8/29/2018

SSgt Ralph Allen Jacques, Air Force: 8/29/2018

A1C William Brown, Air Force: 8/30/2018

CPL Richard Duane Ellison, Army: 8/30/2018

SrA William McGarry, Air Force: 8/30/2018

PVT Scott Williamson, Marines: 8/30/2018

SMSgt John Hendrickson, Air Force: 8/30/2018

Robert Hanlin, Navy: 8/31/2018

Jesse Gordon, Navy: 8/31/2018

MSgt Terry Akre, Air Force: 8/31/2018

LCpl James Vester, Marines: 9/3/2018

SPC Edward Tracey, Army: 9/3/2018

SGT Jack McCullough, Air Force: 9/4/2018

CW2 Stephen Walston, Army: 9/5/2018

TSgt Jerry Thompson, Air Force: 9/6/2018

CPL James Turgeon, Army: 9/6/2018

SSGT Emanuel Thomas, Army: 9/6/2018

MSgt Jarret Crowley, Air Force: 9/7/2018

SKG3 James Burnside, Navy: 9/7/2018

SPC Charles Medina, Army: 9/7/2018

FNMK Bruce Rhodes, Coast Guard: 9/10/2018

SP5 Arthur Jones, Air Force: 9/10/2018

SFC Raymond Nichols, Army: 9/10/2018

SGT Norman Pitts, Air Force: 9/10/2018

CPL Ralph Koehler, Army: 9/10/2018

SP5 Ciro Mundaca, Army: 9/10/2018

SN William Williams, Navy: 9/11/2018

A1C Terrance Morrissey, Air Force: 9/13/2018

AT2 Todd C Noe, Navy: 9/13/2018

1LT Emmett Brennan, Army: 9/14/2018

CWO3 Retired Sidney Norris Sharp, Navy: 9/14/2018

SN Korea Irvin Martinez, Navy: 9/14/2018

PFC Allen Rael, Marines: 9/14/2018

PV1 Serge Laignelot, Army: 9/14/2018

Larry Gallagher, Air Force: 9/17/2018

SrA Howard Powell, Air Force: 9/17/2018

CMSgt Aloysius Pelz, Air Force: 9/17/2018

SPC John J. Young, Army: 9/17/2018

PFC Kevin Caldwell, Marines: 9/18/2018

CPL Leon Owens, Army: 9/18/2018

CPL George Dwinell, Army: 9/20/2018

PO3 Vincent Hernandez, Navy: 9/20/2018

MSgt Phillip Brown Jr., Air Force: 9/20/2018

Sgt Matthew Wright, Army: 9/20/2018

SPC Henry Patton, Army: 9/20/2018

SPC Ronald Cowan, Army: 9/20/2018

AGR Harold Wilkens, Army: 9/21/2018

Jeffrey Joy, Army: 9/21/2018

SGT Clark Aguilera, Air Force: 9/21/2018

CPT Walter Hayward Jr, Army: 9/21/2018

LT COL Edward Schuster, Air Force: 9/21/2018

PFC William Coriell, Army: 9/21/2018

SGT James Graham, Army: 9/21/2018

Smith Thomas Michael, Marines: 9/24/2018

A1C Daniel Gordon, Air Force: 9/24/2018

LT CDR Leonard Blumenshine, Navy: 9/24/2018

PFC Jesse Aceves, Army: 9/24/2018

SPC Jose Duran, Army: 9/24/2018

LCpl Stephen O'Connell, Marines: 9/25/2018

PVT LAWRENCE SABO, Marines: 9/25/2018

S1C1 Mary Maurer, Navy: 9/25/2018

CPL Aaron Smith, Marines: 9/26/2018

1LT Norm Zehr, Army: 9/27/2018

SR Raymond Olguin, Navy: 9/27/2018

SSgt Newell Harmon, Marines: 9/27/2018

Henrietta Martinez, Army: 9/28/2018

AN Richard Kitterman, Navy: 9/28/2018

LCDR Nina Lucius, Navy: 9/28/2018

SSGT Timothy Klibbe, Army: 9/28/2018

SSgt Adam Quinn, Air Force: 10/1/2018

SFC Angelo Fasano, Navy: 10/1/2018

SGT Angelo Chavez, Army: 10/1/2018

SSgt James Vigil, Marines: 10/1/2018

AS/SA Robert Dudymott, Navy: 10/2/2018

PO3 WaLTer Hagar, Navy: 10/2/2018

TEC 5 Wayne Ball, Army: 10/2/2018

AMCS Charles Newby, Navy: 10/3/2018

SGT Louis Santanostasi, Army: 10/3/2018

SGT DAVID MARTINEZ, Air Force: 10/4/2018

CAPT Ernest Gill, Marines: 10/4/2018

PMTC Maybelle Krekeler, Navy: 10/4/2018

SSgt Wesley Robinson, Air Force: 10/4/2018

CPT Carol Gaumond, Army: 10/5/2018

SSGT Harry Sam Fernandez, Army: 10/5/2018

SPC Edward Gregory Jr, Army: 10/5/2018

ARM3 Concepcion Angelo Ramirez, Navy: 10/8/2018

SA Max Melhorn, Navy: 10/8/2018

Jeffrey Cowling, Army: 10/9/2018

Peter Romanchuk, Air Force: 10/9/2018

SGT Kevin Mack, Army: 10/10/2018

Calvin Dorrough, Army: 10/11/2018

Sgt Donald Dorrough, Air Force: 10/11/2018

Sgt Kenneth Rhorer, Marines: 10/11/2018

AT2 Robert Heerman, Navy: 10/12/2018

BM2 Ronald Pearce, Coast Guard: 10/12/2018

PO2 John Lowdermilk, Navy: 10/12/2018

CW4 Frank Bonn Jr, Army: 10/15/2018

1LT Jams S. Peterson Sr., Army Air Corps: 10/16/2018

A3C John Lucero, Air Force: 10/17/2018

CPL Jerald Barbee, Army: 10/17/2018

MSgt James Wilbourn, Air Force: 10/17/2018

SGT Jerry Johnson, Air Force: 10/17/2018

CPL Michael Hester, Marines: 10/18/2018

CPL Delfido Lobato, Army: 10/18/2018

SP3 James Colson, Army: 10/18/2018

SSgt Richard Ricketts, Air Force: 10/18/2018

CSCA James Champ, Navy: 10/19/2018

John Ingbretson, Navy: 10/19/2018

PO1 Thomas Thayer, Navy: 10/19/2018

PFC James Silvia, Army: 10/19/2018

Adjan William Wright, Navy: 10/22/2018

PO2 Carl Randolph, Navy: 10/22/2018

PFC Sisneros Juan, Army: 10/22/2018

SN Vigil Larry, Navy: 10/22/2018

SN Jake Duran, Navy: 10/22/2018

TSgt Retired John Sarazen IV, Air Force: 10/22/2018

AW3 Glenn Kern, Navy: 10/23/2018

PFC Raymond Sealman, Army: 10/23/2018

PV1 Guy Barrow, Army: 10/23/2018

SGT Jerry Herring, Army: 10/23/2018

SGT Robert L. Overstreet, Army: 10/23/2018

PVT Douglas Brown, Marines: 10/24/2018

PO2 Erno Hunter, Navy: 10/25/2018

LCpl Dale Terry, Marines: 10/25/2018

Duane Leiker, Army: 10/26/2018

A2C Donald Mackelberg, Air Force: 10/26/2018

PV1 John Roscoe, Army: 10/26/2018

SSgt Carl Swenson, Air Force: 10/26/2018

Mark Buirge, Marines: 10/29/2018

COL John Coats, Army: 10/29/2018

CPL John Muniz, Army: 10/29/2018

MSgt James Patton Jr, Air Force: 10/29/2018

PV2 Michael Gustafson, Army: 10/29/2018

SGT Alan Cagle, Army: 10/29/2018

SGT Donald Cecil, Army: 10/29/2018

SGT Marvin Daniel, Army: 10/29/2018

PFC Robert Erickson, Army: 10/30/2018

David Lee Haley, Navy: 10/31/2018

PVT John R. Chapla, Marines: 10/31/2018

MSgt Kurt Krause, Marines: 11/1/2018

PFC James Grant, Army: 11/1/2018

SMSgt Charles Joyner, Air Force: 11/1/2018

SN Joseph Romero, Navy: 11/1/2018

CPT Eric Petersen, Army: 11/2/2018

SPC James Dekov, Army: 11/2/2018

CPL Joseph Watkins, Army: 11/5/2018

TEC 5 Gerald W. Deane Sr., Army: 11/6/2018

CPL Rudolph Peter Andras, Army: 11/7/2018

A1C Charles Wagner, Air Force: 11/8/2018

CPT Stephen Buckland, Army: 11/8/2018

CPL Daniel Kubacki, Marines: 11/8/2018

SN David Medow, Navy: 11/8/2018

PFC William Flowers, Army: 11/9/2018

SPC Wilfredo Guzman, Army: 11/9/2018

George Cowen, Army: 11/13/2018

CPL Clifford Blackstun, Marines: 11/13/2018

SGT Wilburn Miller, Army: 11/13/2018

SP5 Timothy Moss, Army: 11/13/2018

YNT3 Leonard Carlson, Navy: 11/14/2018

John Howard, Army: 11/15/2018

SP5 Wilfred Bill Lyons, Army: 11/15/2018

EA3 Terrence Reeder, Navy: 11/16/2018

GMMSA Robert Wellman, Navy: 11/16/2018

LT Richard Truitt, Navy: 11/16/2018

Sgt David Hutchings, Marines: 11/16/2018

TEC 5 Chapin Blake, Army: 11/16/2018

Hobie Landreth, Army: 11/17/2018

SGT William J Ress, Army: 11/19/2018

SPC Norman Joe Baker, Army: 11/19/2018

Philip Michel, Navy: 11/20/2018

PVT Dallas Johnson, Marines: 11/20/2018

SPC Dale Spence, Army: 11/20/2018

SR Roger Marez, Navy: 11/20/2018

CSM Joseph Annello, Army: 11/21/2018

PFC Leonard Grommet, Army: 11/23/2018

RM2 Henry Pepe, Navy: 11/23/2018

Charles Zecher, Navy: 11/26/2018

Sgt Stephen Reese, Marines: 11/26/2018

CPL Wilfred Cameron, Army: 11/26/2018

EM2 Joseph Sedlmayer, Navy: 11/27/2018

CPL Marvin Lumpkin, Army: 11/28/2018

ADJ4 Donald Lehl, Navy: 11/29/2018

CPO Felix Jablonski, Navy: 11/29/2018

Sgt Gerald Haas, Marines: 11/29/2018

SP4 Stanley Alexander, Army: 11/29/2018

BTC Donald Gardner, Navy: 11/30/2018

MSgt Ronald James, Air Force: 11/30/2018

PFC Paul VonCOLln, Army: 11/30/2018

SSGT Myrtis Mills, Army Air Corps: 11/30/2018

SPC James Cornell, Army: 11/30/2018

TEC 4 Fay L Cunningham, Air Force: 12/3/2018

CPL Steven Balog, Marines: 12/3/2018

FN Richard Fisher, Navy: 12/3/2018

SGT Alexander Kehm, Army: 12/3/2018

SPC Michael Mitchell, Army: 12/3/2018

Keith Whiting, Army: 12/5/2018

Sgt James Langdon Jr, Marines: 12/5/2018

BT3 Homerd DuShane, Navy: 12/6/2018

SN Michael Millard, Navy: 12/6/2018

SP5 James Koenig, Army: 12/6/2018

SSgt Luis Rivera, Air Force: 12/6/2018

PFC Donald Hailpern, Marines: 12/7/2018

A3C Perry White, Air Force: 12/10/2018

LT COL Paul D. Chott, Marines: 12/10/2018

PFC Theodore Hulstrom, Army: 12/10/2018

Harold Leavelle, Navy: 12/11/2018

Robert Madrigal, Army: 12/11/2018

SGT George Rausch, Army: 12/12/2018

PV1 Gary Aldridge, Army: 12/12/2018

AC3PF Douglas Henry Watts, Navy: 12/13/2018

LT James Murphy, Navy: 12/13/2018

PV1 Arthur Vialpando, Army: 12/13/2018

RM2 Robert W Williams, Navy: 12/13/2018

TEC 4 Robert Sprengel, Army: 12/13/2018

A2C Richard Moyles, Air Force: 12/14/2018

PFC Erik Whisler, Army: 12/14/2018

Sgt Delbert Sherrill, Marines: 12/14/2018

AF Cadet Charles Noble, Air Force: 12/17/2018

1LT Robert Glazier, Army: 12/17/2018

CPL James Egle, Marines: 12/19/2018

MAJ Myron DeLong, Air Force: 12/19/2018

A1C Richard Hughes, Air Force: 12/21/2018

CPL Leonard Dixon, Army: 12/21/2018

SMSgt Harry L. Dace, Air Force: 12/21/2018

SPC William Schooley, Army: 12/21/2018

LCpl Kenneth Anton, Marines: 12/24/2018

PV2 Thomas Jose Giron, Army: 12/26/2018

James Armijo, Army: 12/27/2018

CPL Ralph Rice, Army: 12/27/2018

PFC Ernest Rael, Army: 12/27/2018

SGT James Carl, Army: 12/27/2018

A1C SrA Clarence Johnson, Air Force: 12/28/2018

Richard Lovato, Navy: 12/28/2018

PV1 Robert Bray, Army: 12/28/2018

CPL John Dix, Army: 12/28/2018

PO3 James Kunst, Navy: 12/31/2018

SSgt Jackie Zembower, Air Force: 12/31/2018

Phillip Emerson, Army: 1/2/2019

CPL Elmer Nichols, Army: 1/2/2019

Arthur Foster, Air Force: 1/3/2019

CPL Patrick Bradley, Marines: 1/3/2019

SFC Joseph Bowen, Army: 1/3/2019

Joe Torres, Navy: 1/4/2019

SN Frances Goodman, Navy: 1/4/2019

SGT Robert Biniki, Army: 1/4/2019

SgtMaj Archie Robinson, Marines: 1/4/2019

TEC 5 Bernard Tierney, Army: 1/4/2019

A1C Lavern Steinbach, Air Force: 1/7/2019

SGT Howard Bowlin, Army: 1/7/2019

PFC Alfonso Ornelas, Army: 1/9/2019

SP5 Bryce Smith, Army: 1/10/2019

Paul Keys, Air Force: 1/11/2019

A2C June Stratton, Air Force: 1/11/2019

PVT Jimmy Reffel, Marines: 1/11/2019

SP5 Terry Oltrogge, Army: 1/11/2019

Camelle Gloyd, Air Force: 1/14/2019

BM3 Foster Day, Coast Guard: 1/14/2019

CPL Brian Kallander, Marines: 1/14/2019

SP5 Edward Behnen, Army: 1/14/2019

Richard Riegel, Army: 1/15/2019

Wilbur Brunger, Army: 1/15/2019

PO3 Dennis Reidle, Navy: 1/15/2019

Larry Dale McMahon, Air Force: 1/17/2019

RM2 Joseph Lucero, Navy: 1/17/2019

ARM3C Lake Brant, Navy: 1/18/2019

SP5 Donald Hansen, Air Force: 1/18/2019

BM1 Michael Volz, Coast Guard: 1/18/2019

CMSgt Retiredired Earl Ladewig, Air Force: 1/18/2019

CDR Retired Jack Moyers, Navy: 1/18/2019

LT COL Richard Georgeson, Air Force: 1/18/2019

PFC Luis Medina, Army: 1/18/2019

SSgt David Peterson, Air Force: 1/18/2019

AC3 Rodolfo Cruz, Air Force: 1/21/2019

Gary Baumann, Army: 1/21/2019

CPL Harold Schneider, Army: 1/21/2019

Sergeant Donald Griffis, Air Force: 1/22/2019

PFC Jonathan Lee, Marines: 1/22/2019

SK1 Dale Wagner, Navy: 1/22/2019

SP5 Robert Michael Dorsey, Army: 1/22/2019

FMF Derrick Tate, Navy: 1/23/2019

PV2 Clayton Brown, Army: 1/23/2019

FS-2 Charles Edmund Salls Jr, Navy: 1/24/2019

Paul Reeves, Navy: 1/24/2019

SPC Thomas Nakano, Army: 1/24/2019

SSGT Larry Moore, Army: 1/24/2019

William Duster, Navy: 1/25/2019

LT COL Lawrence Repsher, Army: 1/25/2019

SM2 Dean Silva, Navy: 1/25/2019

SSgt Retired Daniel Junevicus, Air Force: 1/25/2019

SSGT Retired Gerald Krutsch, Army: 1/25/2019

SM3 Monte Kershner, Navy: 1/28/2019

George Beasley, Air Force: 1/29/2019

William Deshler, Marines: 1/29/2019

A1C Russell Cooper Jr., Air Force: 1/29/2019

BM3 David E. Baker, Coast Guard: 1/29/2019

LT1 Robert Christensen, Navy: 1/30/2019

PFC Joseph Mesa, Army: 1/30/2019

PFC Robert Hensley, Marines: 1/30/2019

TSgt Donald Ray Thompson, Air Force: 1/30/2019

Sgt Jesse Jenson, Marines: 1/31/2019

CM3 Jack Edgar Martin, Navy: 2/1/2019

TEC 5 Frank DiMauro, Army: 2/1/2019

Gary Schultz, Army: 2/4/2019

EN2 Joseph DiBlasi, Navy: 2/4/2019

WT3 Howard Davey, Navy: 2/4/2019

Larray Haggerty, Marines: 2/5/2019

Ronald Goodwin, Army: 2/5/2019

CAPT Endre Anderson, Air Force: 2/6/2019

MJR Joseph Burns III, Army: 2/6/2019

SGT Joseph Perea, Air Force: 2/7/2019

AMN Charles D. Overheiser, Air Force: 2/8/2019

AO3 Ty Case, Navy: 2/8/2019

PO1 Thomas Richey, Navy: 2/8/2019

SFC Roy Lee Horne, Army: 2/8/2019

SK1 Dale Wagner, Navy: 2/8/2019

1LT David Jones, Air Force: 2/11/2019

SN Lyle Dean Scanlan, Navy: 2/11/2019

PO2 Ralph Thomson, Navy: 2/12/2019

PFC Paul Chernushin, Air Force: 2/13/2019

Ernest Roybal, Army Air Corps: 2/14/2019

Roland Deines, Navy: 2/14/2019

PO3 Ronald Roberson, Navy: 2/14/2019

QM3 James Michael Gibson, Navy: 2/14/2019

Arthur Knaub, Marines: 2/15/2019

HM3 Kevin O'Connor, Navy: 2/18/2019

PV1 Randall Lawrence, Army: 2/18/2019

ABH3 Alan Stokes, Navy: 2/19/2019

QMC Wilbert Bradell, Navy: 2/19/2019

PV1 Kenneth Blair, Army: 2/20/2019

A2C Lloyd Dow, Air Force: 2/21/2019

Albert Trujillo, Army: 2/21/2019

Sgt Phillip Price, Marines: 2/21/2019

PV2 Joseph Burke, Army: 2/21/2019

PV1 Freddie Contreras, Army: 2/21/2019

Robert Schaeffer, Army: 2/25/2019

CPL Carl Crouse, Marines: 2/25/2019

CPL James Knight, Army: 2/25/2019

FT2 Denis Barrington, Navy: 2/25/2019

GM2 Lawrence Garretson, Navy: 2/25/2019

SP5 William Lewis, Army: 2/25/2019

PO2 William Wallen, Navy: 2/26/2019

PFC DANIEL ZARAGOZA, Marines: 2/26/2019

ABH Bruce Worthington, Navy: 2/27/2019

Donald Elder, Navy: 2/28/2019

SrA Frederick Morris Hoff III, Air Force: 2/28/2019

SN Adolph Velasquez, Navy: 3/1/2019

CPL Stephen Jones, Marines: 3/4/2019

PFC Arnold Smedsrud, Army: 3/4/2019

SFM3 Earl Warren Stephens, Navy: 3/4/2019

SGT Toby Holderbaum, Air Force: 3/4/2019

Gerald Zebka, Navy: 3/5/2019

Phillip Morrison, Army: 3/5/2019

PO3 Samuel Polizzotto, Navy: 3/5/2019

PFC Buford Johnson, Army: 3/6/2019

LCDR Darrell May, Navy: 3/7/2019

SGT Walter Quering, Air Force: 3/7/2019

SP5 Wayne Schott, Army: 3/7/2019

TEC 3 William A. Diethorn, Army: 3/7/2019

SGT Retired John Shisler, Air Force: 3/8/2019

A1C Merritt Sherer, Air Force: 3/8/2019

PV1 David Doty, Army: 3/8/2019

Sgt Alfred Apodaca, Marines: 3/8/2019

ET3 James Freiboth, Navy: 3/11/2019

LCpl Stewart Carter, Marines: 3/11/2019

PFC Lawrence Ritchie, Army: 3/11/2019

SGT Ronald Smith, Army: 3/11/2019

SP5 Thomas Meier, Army: 3/11/2019

Y2 Margaret Alexander, Navy: 3/11/2019

PO2 Richard Madrid, Coast Guard: 3/12/2019

A1C P Robert Portales, Air Force: 3/12/2019

SGT Robert Fennell, Air Force: 3/12/2019

HN Normando Pacheco, Navy: 3/14/2019

SGT Alfred Quintana, Army: 3/14/2019

TEC 5 Gilbert Martinez, Army: 3/14/2019

LT Richard Nelson, Army: 3/15/2019

SPC Dan Nance, Army: 3/15/2019

Charles Benedict, Air Force: 3/18/2019

PO3 William Willingham, Navy: 3/18/2019

LCpl Walter Czajkowski, Marines: 3/18/2019

PFC Richard Chyko, Marines: 3/19/2019

Richard Donadio, Navy: 3/20/2019

A2C Vernon Ritter, Air Force: 3/20/2019

SN SN Timothy A Dailey, Navy: 3/20/2019

SPC James Moon, Army: 3/21/2019

Richard Brian Caviness, Army: 3/22/2019

AD2 James Weaver, Navy: 3/22/2019

CPT Reginald Herin Jr., Army: 3/22/2019

CPL Dale Thompson, Army: 3/22/2019

LT COL Carl Haaland, Army: 3/22/2019

SPC John E. Hardaway, Army: 3/22/2019

1LT James Cazier, Army: 3/25/2019

1LT Larry Stockmoe, Army: 3/25/2019

MSgt Walter Littrell, Air Force: 3/25/2019

SGT SGT Ward Oliver, Army: 3/25/2019

SSGT Charles Rigg, Army: 3/26/2019

CAPT John Huber, Air Force: 3/28/2019

A1C Edward Gredig, Air Force: 3/28/2019

SGT George Bukey, Air Force: 3/28/2019

Shirley Cramer, Army: 3/28/2019

Geary Keeton, Marines: 3/29/2019

Mark Schultz, Army: 3/29/2019

2LT Theodore Breed, Army: 3/29/2019

AMM1 Howard McKinley, Navy: 3/29/2019

LT CDR James Nathaniel HeLTon Sr, Navy: 3/29/2019

PO 2 Esther McKinley, Navy: 3/29/2019

SP4 Ben Brock, Army: 3/29/2019

and Army Francisco Sandoval, Navy: 4/1/2019

S1C Ambrose Lujan, Navy: 4/1/2019

1LT Raymond DeLuca, Marines: 4/2/2019

Sgt Lloyd Carlisle, Marines: 4/2/2019

SN1 Warren Schick, Navy: 4/2/2019

SN1 Stephen Wrede, Navy: 4/3/2019

SPC Gary Lee Gunn, Army: 4/3/2019

LCP Patrick Malloy, Marines: 4/4/2019

Corpsman Bruce Behrens, Navy: 4/5/2019

CPT Patrick Parkhill, Army: 4/5/2019

PVT Donald England, Marines: 4/5/2019

PV1 David Caley, Army: 4/5/2019

SP3 David Tanous, Army: 4/5/2019

SP5 Darrell Fisher, Army: 4/5/2019

Sgt James Farrell, Marines: 4/8/2019

PFC Christen E. Clemensen, Marines: 4/8/2019

SGT Ronald Miller, Army: 4/8/2019

Donald Burks, Navy: 4/9/2019

PV1 Jose Garcia, Army: 4/9/2019

2LT Thomas Hancock, Marines: 4/9/2019

SSGT Thomas Langford, Army: 4/9/2019

2LT Eugene Palmer, Army: 4/10/2019

AMN2 Vernon McCall, Air Force: 4/10/2019

HM3 Richard Montgomery, Navy: 4/11/2019

SN1 Joseph Padilla, Navy: 4/11/2019

SGM Frank Alfaro, Army: 4/11/2019

SPC Robert Korb, Army: 4/11/2019

Raymond Brandenburger, Army: 4/12/2019

1LT Rodman Street, Marines: 4/12/2019

SPC Danny Scales, Army: 4/15/2019

Robert Johnson, Navy: 4/16/2019

A1C Duane Eng, Air Force: 4/16/2019

CPL Lyle Schuyler, Army: 4/16/2019

MAJ Harold Stuart, Air Force: 4/16/2019

CPL William Campbell, Army: 4/16/2019

SPI3 Wilbert Smith, Navy: 4/16/2019

Donald Arthur Sandoval, Army: 4/17/2019

LT Don Madden, Navy: 4/17/2019

CPL Raymond McArthur, Marines: 4/18/2019

CPL Gary Sullivan, Marines: 4/18/2019

IC3 Lawrence Behl, Navy: 4/18/2019

MAJ Kenneth Smith, Air Force: 4/18/2019

CPL Jack Ross, Marines: 4/19/2019

MSgt john stewart, Air Force: 4/19/2019

PFC Gerald Dymond, Army: 4/19/2019

PSC Theodore Benko, Navy: 4/19/2019

SN David Havens, Navy: 4/19/2019

SP5 Steven Lyons, Army: 4/19/2019

Walter Keller, Navy: 4/22/2019

LT NC Alice Jacquelyn Clark, Navy: 4/22/2019

PFC Ramon Brionez, Army: 4/22/2019

CPO Ronald McClelland, Navy: 4/23/2019

MAJ Henry Eckert, Air Force: 4/23/2019

MAJ Jerome Kimminau, Air Force: 4/23/2019

PFC Emilio Gonzales, Army: 4/23/2019

1LT Alan Wilson, Air Force: 4/24/2019

LT William Young Jr, Navy: 4/24/2019

PV1 Irwin Staggers, Army: 4/24/2019

SN Lyle Ubl, Navy: 4/24/2019

MM2 Earl Hart, Navy: 4/25/2019

Russell Murphy, Air Force: 4/26/2019

CPL Duane Pavel, Army: 4/26/2019

1LT Gunars Zandbergs, Army: 4/26/2019

LT COL Thomas W Talbert, Army: 4/26/2019

PFC George Brown, Army: 4/26/2019

SGT David Mannion, Army: 4/26/2019

Cssn William David Petersmith, Army: 4/29/2019

CDR Jerome Spencer, Navy: 4/29/2019

William Tinus, Navy: 4/30/2019

1LT Eugene Kowalski, Army: 4/30/2019

SA Joe Balerio, Navy: 4/30/2019

PFC John Garcia, Army: 4/30/2019

SP5 Joseph Moschetto, Army: 4/30/2019

SSgt Wayne Huffman, Air Force: 4/30/2019

Thomas Clark, Navy: 5/1/2019

John Croy, Army: 5/3/2019

James Boyd, Army: 5/3/2019

A3C Salvador Rivera, Air Force: 5/3/2019

PFC David Lee, Army: 5/3/2019

SGT Sherman Saegar, Air Force: 5/3/2019

SP5 Mark anthony Frias, Army: 5/3/2019

CPL Christopher Swope, Army: 5/3/2019

Henry Johnson, Army: 5/6/2019

1SG Walter Sapp, Army: 5/6/2019

A2C T.G. Moment III, Air Force: 5/6/2019

SPC John Baker, Army: 5/6/2019

SP5 Ronald Fay, Army: 5/6/2019

COL George Forster, Air Force: 5/7/2019

SPC Paul Klimper, Army: 5/7/2019

SSgt Bruce Harrel, Air Force: 5/8/2019

LCpl Mitchell James, Marines: 5/9/2019

SPC Gerald Lombardi, Army: 5/9/2019

CPL Gary Raymer, Marines: 5/10/2019

FTG2 Noble Donald, Navy: 5/10/2019

PSC Chester Robinson, Navy: 5/10/2019

Sgt Donald Sondgeroth, Marines: 5/10/2019

SP5 Henry Wedemeyer, Army: 5/10/2019

A1C Judson Thompson, Air Force: 5/13/2019

AB Chris Goodwin, Air Force: 5/13/2019

SA Donald Guisinger, Navy: 5/13/2019

MSgt Franklin Johnson, Air Force: 5/13/2019

PV1 Walter Minter Jr, Army: 5/13/2019

TEC 4 Merce Briano, Army: 5/13/2019

Benjamin Martinez Jr, Army: 5/14/2019

AA Gordon Ashley, Navy: 5/14/2019

COL Guy Schottler, Army: 5/15/2019

CPL Paul Thompson, Army: 5/15/2019

1LT Jake Vigil, Army: 5/16/2019

PVT Frank Olivette, Marines: 5/16/2019

LT JG Donald Seibold, Navy: 5/17/2019

SO2 Larry Nordick, Navy: 5/17/2019

SP6 Jerry Bryant, Army: 5/17/2019

TEC 5 Lauren Oliver-Summers, Army: 5/17/2019

GMC Daniel Fruh, Navy: 5/20/2019

MSgt Roy Dietz, Air Force: 5/21/2019

SSGT Gerald Muehl, Army: 5/21/2019

Felix Pacheco, Navy: 5/22/2019

A2C Gary Leber, Air Force: 5/22/2019

SPC Jesse Wilt, Navy: 5/22/2019

TSgt Gerald Joseph, Air Force: 5/22/2019

Albert Warren, Army: 5/23/2019

A1C Juan Carreras, Air Force: 5/23/2019

SGT Daniel Ray Abeyta, Air Force: 5/24/2019

Travis C. Maxwell, Marines: 5/24/2019

LT William Grant, Navy: 5/24/2019

LT COL David Schhultz, Army: 5/24/2019

PFC William Childs, Army: 5/24/2019

Sgt James Robinson Sr., Air Force: 5/24/2019

TSgt Kenneth Barnes, Air Force: 5/24/2019

CAPT Gerald McGuire, Marines: 5/28/2019

CPL Russell Schelt, Army: 5/28/2019

MS1 Donald Chetelat, Navy: 5/29/2019

PFC Francis Sapit, Air Force: 5/31/2019

EM3 Richard Myslik, Navy: 5/31/2019

MSGT Retired Dennis Mitcham, Army: 5/31/2019