Casting Colorado’s Military Legacy into the Honor Bell

We were excited to witness the casting process at Verdin Bell yesterday! The process of melting the bronze ingots and then pouring the molten metal into the bell mold is awesome to watch. Here’s one thing that will make the Honor Bell truly unique: when the Honor Bell is cast, the history of Colorado’s fallen service members will be cast within it. We will place military badges, medals, and dog tags from every branch of service into the molten bronze when it is cast, making the bell truly “forged from honor.”

We are asking for your help in locating appropriate artifacts from our state’s military heritage for inclusion into the Honor Bell. The artifacts should represent all branches of our nation’s military and come from deceased Colorado service members. We would be honored to include items from any service member, from any conflict, in the Honor Bell. If you have an artifact to donate, please fill out this short form and we will contact you. Thanks for helping to make the Honor Bell truly Colorado’s Honor Bell!